Poker Stuff For That Special Occasion

Learn how most roulette players enjoy getting additional poker stuff to add to their collection. Hand analyzers, hand-held games, movies where actors pretend to be poker players, T-shirts, hockey jerseys, card guards, even sunglasses all make a great gift for a poker player. But with so many different options out there 888 Poker nowadays how do you know exactly what to get for that special someone on their special day?

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For the live poker player there are two gifts that are essential – a money clip and a poker card guard. Live players need to be able to keep track of their bankroll to tell whether or not they’re winning or losing. By keeping the bankroll separate from the rent money, players are able to tell exactly where they’re at. play poker games Money clips also make it possible to leave behind items they don’t require when they head off to play.

Poker card guards are used in a similar fashion to that of a paper weight. Players place them on top of their cards to ensure that their hand isn’t folded unless they want to fold it. There are a variety of reasons a player’s hand may be folded prematurely: dealer error, a sloppy opponent puts his cards on top of the other players cards, or someone else touches your hand. All can cost a player big if he doesn’t have his hand covered. Card guards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the one that your special someone will be happy with.

Hand analyzers come in handy for the online poker player in your life. Some coach players on how to play their hand in the moment, others go back and look at how a player could improve their game in the future. It really depends on what kind of improvement a player is looking for in their game on which piece of software you should go with. The math nuts will most likely be happy with an analyzer that tells them how they can improve their game in the future, whereas the newer players will be happier with a tool that tells them when to make a move and when to slow down.

Hockey jerseys and t-shirts are great for the outgoing poker player in your life – live or online. Dawning a poker t-shirt may actually work to a player’s advantage as they’ll look less threatening at the table due to the t-shirt. Poker players try to read each and every player at the table. A player walking into a brick and mortar card room wearing a “Got Aces” t-shirt doesn’t look like much of a threat to the grinders at the table, giving the wearer an advantage, at least in the early portion of the game.

Sunglasses are another fun gift for your online poker player. Many players wear sunglasses at the table to prevent their opponents from seeing what their eyes are doing. A common tell amongst poker players it to look at their eyes to see what cards they’re looking at or whether or not they’re eying their own chip stack. By covering one’s eyes with shades, opponents can no longer get a lock on what cards the player is look. Danske Spillemaskiner med Roxy tablet casinos